CBS NEWS: Trident 1 CEO Jake Newbold, Home Base program in Charlestown helping save veterans’ lives

Shoutout to our amazing CEO, Jake Newbold!

Check out this incredible story featuring Jake Newbold, CEO of Trident 1, on CBS Boston. The story highlights the impactful work of the Home Base program in Charlestown, Boston, which supports veterans in need.

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Jake’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in supporting this vital initiative. Under his guidance, Trident 1 has partnered with the SEAL Legacy Foundation to provide direct funding to Home Base, ensuring that critical programs continue to make a difference.

One inspiring story mentioned in the article showcases how Home Base helped veteran Ed Thelander regain confidence and pursue his dream of becoming a commercial pilot. This is just one example of the incredible impact that Jake and the Home Base program are making.

We’re incredibly proud of Jake for his commitment to supporting our veterans and making a positive impact on their lives. His unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to us all. 🇺🇸

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