Ranked #1 By Gun University For Best FFL Point of Sale Software

We are honored to be recognized as the #1 ranked FFL point of sale software solution by Gun University! Here are a few highlights from the review.

“I highly recommend Trident 1 FFL POS system for gun shops. It’s easy to use, has great customer service, and is compliant with ATF regulations. Plus, it’s run by veterans!

Here are some of the things I love about Trident 1:

  • Great customer experience: Trident 1 has a customer-facing app that lets customers book training sessions, check appointments, and make payments.
  • Compliance: Trident 1 is partnered with FFL software like FastBound and FFLGuard, so it exceeds ATF standards and tracks every entry, edit, and correction.
  • Customer service: Trident 1 has top-tier customer service. My buddy had no problems training his employees on the system, and they were quick to help when he ran into any roadblocks.
  • Veteran-owned: Trident 1 is run by veterans. The owners are former Navy Seals and most of their workforce are veterans.”

Read the full review here

Thank you Gun University!

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