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Firearms eCommerce Evolution

Trident 1 has been in collaboration with Lipsey’s, a prominent wholesale firearm distributor, for numerous years. This partnership aims to equip dealers with cutting-edge and compliant retail technology. Through Trident 1, Lipsey’s dealers gain access to complete catalog integration, point-of-sale replenishment ordering, store direct and dropship ordering capabilities, and a variety of other features. With this collaboration, dealers can effortlessly special order Lipsey’s entire product catalog in-store and showcase Lipsey’s entire product range on Trident 1’s eCommerce sites.

gun store.

all in one system

  • Enable Special Ordering In-Store. Never turn down a sale on in-stock items.
  • Access Lipsey’s catalog directly from the Trident 1 point of sale.
  • Import products you want to sell- NO manual entry.
  • Automatically order inventory from Lipsey’s when stock levels are low based on pre-set min/max stock levels.
  • Display live products (with images) on Trident 1’s eCommerce sites by pulling Lipsey’s ‘live data feeds’.
  • Drop ship all orders through Lipsey’s, including firearms (NEW!), and/or use your inventory to fulfill orders.
  • Comply with the ATF with Trident 1’s A&D & e4473 integrations.


from Lipsey’s​

Thanks to Trident 1’s vendor integration, dealers can effortlessly peruse Lipsey’s catalogs and import the products they wish to feature in their stores. The inclusion of ‘live data feeds’ enables dealers to present Lipsey’s entire available stock, complete with images, on Trident 1’s eCommerce websites, creating an ‘endless aisle’ experience. Following online orders, dealers have the flexibility to either dropship through Lipsey’s or fulfill directly from their own inventory. To streamline inventory management, Trident 1 automatically generates purchase orders and sends them to Lipsey’s when stock levels reach predetermined min/max thresholds. And the best part? It’s all tracked in real-time.

For an extended period, we've joined forces with Lipsey's, and we're proud that numerous dealers consistently benefit from our integrated solutions. The recent integration with Lipsey's new dropshipping service for firearms enhances the competitiveness of our mutual dealers. Working with Lipsey's technical team is a pleasure, and we genuinely appreciate this partnership.
Jake Newbold
CEO of Trident 1
“We’re excited to offer firearms dropshipping as another value-added service to Lipsey’s dealers, backed by our superior customer service and efficient shipping. We appreciate our partnership with Trident 1 and their ability to quickly offer this integration to our shared dealers. Trident 1's complete solution, including point of sale and eCommerce, allows our dealers to offer the entire Lipsey’s catalog both online and in store.”
Aaron Keating
CIO & VP of Technology, Lipsey’s


Unlock the potential of your gun store or range with Trident 1. Book a call now and discover how our team can tailor unique solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Point of sale & Lipsey’s entire product range.
  • Mobile retail technology for gun shows.
  • Class & course scheduling.
  • Rentals, repairs & consignment.
  • Electronic A&D book & e4473.
  • Automated purchase orders.
  • Integrated eCommerce & drop shipping.
  • Online range reservations.
  • Firearm marketplaces & auction sites.
  • Integrated email marketing.
  • Memberships with recurring billing.
  • Range management & digital waivers.

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