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MJ and Guns

Missouri’s House Bill No. 1440, seeks to allow more school staff to carry concealed firearms for quicker response to any threats by “ensuring an intervention-capable person is present in each building.”

Law enforcement instructor Roger Moore emphasizes the urgency, noting incidents often conclude before police can intervene.

At the same time, the Second Amendment Foundation is contesting federal gun ownership bans for medical marijuana users, defending Americans’ health and Second Amendment rights.

The Number:

The Ammunition Market: $38.46 Billion By 2028?

The ammunition market is projected to grow from $27.19 billion in 2023 to $29.03 billion in 2024, a 6.8% increase. This expansion is due to military upgrades and higher defense budgets.

By 2028, expect the market to hit $38.46 billion, propelled by modern warfare, counterterrorism, and public safety needs.

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Washington Proposes Enhanced Gun Store Security

A Washington State House committee has approved a bill to bolster gun store security. It requires firearms to be stored in fireproof safes and mandates 24-hour video surveillance, with footage kept for six years. The bill now moves to the full house for consideration.

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Gun Rights Affirmed in New Mexico Public Parks

A federal judge has upheld gun rights in Albuquerque’s public parks, blocking a state health order that restricted firearms. The case, challenging the governor’s temporary ban, is expected to advance to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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In Partnership with Lipsey’s

Trident 1 is excited to formally announce our collaboration with wholesale firearm distributor, Lipsey’s! 

This partnership aims to equip dealers with cutting-edge and compliant retail technology.

Through Trident 1, Lipsey’s dealers gain access to complete catalog integration, point-of-sale replenishment ordering, store direct and dropship ordering capabilities, and a variety of other features. With this collaboration, dealers can effortlessly special order Lipsey’s entire product catalog in-store and showcase Lipsey’s entire product range on Trident 1’s eCommerce sites.

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