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Across the country, states are standing up against unconstitutional gun laws, fighting to protect Second Amendment rights and gun owners.

Louisiana passed Bill 194, standardizing firearm regulations statewide and prohibiting local authorities from enforcing regulations more restrictive than state law.

In Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey signed the Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act, preventing financial discrimination against gun buyers by prohibiting specific Merchant Category Codes for gun-related purchases.

Meanwhile, the Hawaii Firearms Coalition won a legal victory in Honolulu to improve concealed weapon licensing by ensuring the licensing process is transparent, fair, and compliant with legal standards.

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$17 Billion in Conservation Contributions

Since 1937, the firearm and ammunition industry has contributed over $17 billion to the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund, totaling more than $27.38 billion when adjusted for inflation.

In the final quarter of 2023 alone, manufacturers contributed over $222 million, directly supporting wildlife conservation and habitat preservation efforts.

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Colorado’s Assault Weapon Ban Defeated

House Bill 1292, aimed at banning certain assault weapons, was defeated in the legislature after passing the House for the first time in state history. The Senate committee’s decision halts further consideration of the bill this session, marking a significant victory for gun rights advocates and supporters of the Second Amendment in Colorado.

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Supreme Court Reviews Second Amendment Challenges

This week, the Supreme Court will review New York City’s “good moral character” requirement for gun permits. The Srour v. NYC case challenges the constitutionality of these stringent standards, which were upheld by the Second Circuit despite a district court ruling against them, criticizing the broad and discretionary nature of the clauses.

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Federal Court Rules Gun Ban for Non-Violent Felons Unconstitutional

A divided Ninth Circuit panel has declared the federal ban on firearm possession by non-violent felons unconstitutional, securing Second Amendment rights for those who have served their sentences. The case argued the law exceeded historical Second Amendment limitations.

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  • Firearms Training Academy Opens: A retired police officer and U.S. Marine veteran, Leon “Lee” Laster, opened a state-of-the-art firearms training academy in Millers Falls, utilizing a simulator for safe, effective training.
  • L.A. Progressive Shooters: Tom Nguyen opened “L.A. Progressive Shooters,” a unique gun education space in Los Angeles.
  • Ohio’s New Gun Crime Bill: Ohio Republicans have proposed legislation to increase penalties for repeat gun crime offenders, focusing on criminals rather than law-abiding gun owners.
  • California’s “1-in-30” Firearm Ban: The Ninth Circuit has begun deliberations on California’s appeal against a district court victory challenging the state’s ban on multiple firearm purchases within a 30-day period.

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