The Patriot: A Free Speech Win & Gun Popularity in Canada


Ammunition Plant

Over 100 Members of Congress and U.S. Senators have united to support the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, highlighting its importance for military readiness and the firearm industry.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) praised this bipartisan effort, pointing out the risks to military readiness if the plant’s operations were limited by gun control advocates. This plant is vital for the U.S. military’s ammunition supply, with commercial sales funding essential readiness capabilities.

Additionally, the firearm industry is facing privacy concerns over the Treasury Department’s surveillance of legal gun and ammunition purchases.

Reports highlight Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s evasive answers to Congress, emphasizing the need to protect financial privacy for lawful buyers.

The Number:

2.35 Million Canadians with Gun Licenses

Canada’s gun license holders have reached a record 2.35 million as of December 2023, the highest annual increase since 2003.

This growth, despite strict gun control laws, highlights a significant rise in firearm appreciation, even outpacing hockey in popularity.

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Supreme Court Review Sought for ‘Ghost Gun’ Regulation

The Biden Administration has requested the Supreme Court to examine a ruling that limits the ATF’s ability to classify unfinished gun parts as firearms. This follows a decision that could allow the creation of untraceable “ghost guns.” The case’s outcome could significantly impact firearm part regulation and the interpretation of the Gun Control Act.

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Hawaii Supreme Court Stands by State Gun Laws

The Hawaii Supreme Court upheld strict state gun laws, diverging from recent U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the Second Amendment. The ruling supports the state’s right to require licenses for public firearm carrying, emphasizing a militia-centric view over individual self-defense rights.

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Navy Veteran’s Gun Range Wins Free Speech Case

The Goldwater Institute successfully defended Navy veteran Rob Wilson’s right to advertise his shooting range at Flagstaff’s local airport, challenging the city’s censorship as a First Amendment violation. This victory underscores the importance of safeguarding free expression and responsible firearm use.

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  • NSSF Appeals to Supreme Court: The National Shooting Sports Foundation is challenging Illinois’ ban on semiautomatic firearms and standard-capacity magazines at the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Virginia’s Gun Control Debate: Virginia’s legislature debates gun restrictions, including an assault-style firearms ban. Governor Glenn Youngkin’s position is yet to be clarified.
  • GOA and GOF Challenge New York: Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation are suing New York over its ban on out-of-state concealed carry permits.
  • Wyoming’s Shooting Sports at Risk: The Preventing Private Paramilitary Act of 2024 could limit gun-related activities in Wyoming, from target shooting to clay target teams, due to its broad definitions and potential for lawsuits against gun owners.
  • AI Gun Detection in Hobbs: ZeroEyes, an AI gun detection system developed by Navy SEALs, led to criminal charges in Hobbs, New Mexico, by identifying illegal firearm discharges.
  • Oklahoma’s Firearm Suppressors Bill: Senate Bill 1551 in Oklahoma seeks to exempt state-made firearm suppressors from federal laws.

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