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On May 16, 2024, the U.S. Supreme Court will deliberate on gun and magazine bans from Illinois and Maryland, prompted by Illinois’ 2023 ban on over 170 types of semi-automatic firearms. These legal challenges have progressed through the courts to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation has voiced significant concerns, saying, “If you can ban semi-automatic firearms today, you can ban single-shot guns tomorrow. The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It doesn’t say that improvements to technology limit your Bill of Rights.”

This Supreme Court review is pivotal, potentially affirming that widely-owned modern firearms are indeed protected under the Second Amendment.

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The Number:


In 2023, the U.S. firearm and ammunition industry’s economic impact reached $90.05 billion, up 371% from $19.1 billion in 2008, establishing the industry as a significant economic force and creating over 384,437 full-time jobs.

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New York Bill Threatens Shooting Ranges with Environmental Restrictions

In St. Lawrence County, New York, legislators are opposing a Senate bill known as “The Sporting Range Good Neighbor Act.” Critics argue it uses environmental concerns as a pretext for gun control. The bill proposes strict limits on the location and size of shooting ranges, particularly affecting areas near wetlands and open waters. This legislation could impose significant financial and operational challenges on local shooting facilities, threatening the viability of shooting sports.

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Veterans Unfairly Targeted by New Gun Restrictions

A provision that could classify veterans receiving financial assistance as mentally incompetent to purchase firearms without court oversight faces criticism for violating constitutional rights. This part of a $1.2 trillion budget bill aims to protect veterans from such unilateral decisions, emphasizing the need for judicial review to uphold Second Amendment protections.

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  • First of its Kind Gun Range: Camp James A. Garfield Joint Military Training Center in Newton Falls will open a multi-purpose machine gun range next week, enhancing training for soldiers.
  • Louisiana Challenges Federal Gun Rules: Louisiana’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the ATF over regulations mandating background checks for private firearm sales, arguing they infringe on Second Amendment rights.
  • Zenith Firearms Innovates: Zenith Firearms introduced the ZF-56, a modernized roller-delayed blowback firearm, available in both rifle and pistol forms.
  • Rep. Jacob Opposes Gun Legislation: State Rep. Steve Jacob criticizes Minnesota House measures for infringing on 2nd Amendment rights with burdensome firearm storage mandates that could limit emergency access.
  • Prevail Ventures Approved: Lancaster’s zoning board approves Prevail Ventures LLC to operate, an e-commerce platform for firearms and accessories.
  • SCOTUS Reviews ‘Firearm’ Definition: The U.S. Supreme Court will examine the Biden administration’s redefinition of “firearm,” targeting “ghost guns” and ATF authority expansion. 

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