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Starting July 1st, 2024, California will implement an 11% excise tax on the gross receipts from retail sales of firearms, firearm precursor parts, and ammunition. This new tax, in addition to the existing 6% sales tax, requires stores to submit quarterly payments to the state, presenting a significant challenge for firearm businesses.

Trident1 updated its point-of-sale system to help California firearm retailers comply with new excise tax laws. New features include tax calculation activation, rate input, product identification, mass updates, exemption settings, transparent sales orders, and detailed tax reports for quarterly payments.

As the firearms industry faces increasing regulatory challenges, we stand ready to provide cutting-edge solutions that protect retailers’ interests and operations in this new tax landscape.

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Meet The Team: FFL Inventory Management with Trident1

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The Number:

1.7 million defensive gun uses per year

A comprehensive study conducted by a university professor surveyed over 16,000 gun owners, revealing that firearms are used for self-defense approximately 1.7 million times annually.

This figure shows a new trend of guns for personal safety and the popularity of AR-15s and high-capacity magazines among gun owners.

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Firearms Policy Coalition Challenges Post Office Gun Ban

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has initiated a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Texas against the U.S. Attorney General, aiming to overturn federal laws that prohibit possessing, storing, and carrying firearms on post office properties. The case, supported by FPC members and the Second Amendment Foundation, seeks the organization’s commitment to defending the right to bear arms in all lawful spaces, including post offices.

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GOA and GOF Challenge New Jersey’s Handgun Purchase Laws

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), in partnership with the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, have filed a lawsuit against New Jersey’s stringent handgun purchase requirements and the state’s “one gun a month” restriction. Erich Pratt of GOA expressed that this would liberate citizens from “anti-gun tyranny.”

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  • Growing Southpaw Paradise: The firearms industry is increasingly catering to left-handed shooters with a wider and more affordable selection of Southpaw-friendly guns and ambidextrous features.
  • Major Legislative Victories for Gun Owners: The NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) secured significant legislative wins in 2024, including expanding permitless carry laws to 29 states and protecting gun owners’ personal information.
  • Supreme Court Ruling: The Supreme Court prevented accused domestic abusers from having guns while under a restraining order, overturning the lower court ruling by a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit.

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