The Patriot: Concealed Carry, Recalls, and Registries



The Supreme Court is set to consider Antonyuk v. James, a case challenging New York’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) as unconstitutional. This appeal argues that the CCIA’s stringent requirements, including demonstrating “good moral character” and banning firearms from “sensitive places,” defy the precedent set by the landmark New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen decision.

Meanwhile, in Utah, a significant stride towards protecting gun owner privacy has been made with the passage of House Bill 406. This bill aims to prevent the use of merchant category codes to track firearm-related purchases, a practice seen as a form of surveillance on law-abiding gun owners.

Last, a federal judge in California has blocked a law that would allow lawsuits against manufacturers of “abnormally dangerous” firearms.

The Number:

422.9 Million Firearms in Civilian Hands

According to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there are approximately 422.9 million firearms owned by American civilians, averaging 1.2 guns per person. This figure highlights extensive ownership across the nation, with handguns making up 57% of these purchases.

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Safety Recall: Biometric Gun Safes

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 120,520 biometric gun safes from retailers like Bass Pro Shop, Amazon, and Walmart. Brands including Bulldog Cases and Awesafe are affected due to a flaw allowing unauthorized access, posing injury risks. For now, the recommendation is for consumers to stop using the biometric feature, remove batteries, and use the key lock.

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Supports Township’s Gun Range Ban

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld Stroud Township’s ordinance limiting firearm discharge to designated ranges, ruling it does not violate Second Amendment rights. The decision followed a challenge by Jonathan Barris against the township’s regulations on his backyard range, which faced safety concerns due to its proximity to a shopping center.

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Wyoming Legislators Defeat Firearms Registry Bill

In Wyoming, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and 22 House Conservatives successfully opposed HB0151, which threatened to establish a firearms registry. Efforts continue to ensure future legislation includes penalties for privacy violations.

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ATF Increases FFL Revocations Under Biden Administration

The ATF has escalated its revocation of Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) to 157 in 2023, up from 88 in 2022 and five in late 2021, enforcing a “zero-tolerance” policy for paperwork errors. The NSSF views this as a politically driven attempt to impact lawful firearm retailers, prompting the introduction of the Reining in Federal Licensing Enforcement (RIFLE) Act to offer clearer guidelines for firearm retailers. Read More – America’s 1st Freedom



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