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The firearm industry is under scrutiny following a series of legal battles across the United States.

The city of Chicago has sued Glock, alleging the company’s firearms can be easily modified into machine guns, with over 1,100 modified guns recovered in two years. The city seeks to halt these sales and demands compensation for gun violence damages.

Meanwhile, the Firearms Policy Coalition is seeking a summary judgment against Delaware’s ban on unserialized, self-manufactured firearms and related materials, including 3D printing files for guns, arguing the prohibition is unconstitutional.

Additionally, Maryland is reviewing bills to impose broad firearm industry regulations and empower its Attorney General to sue firearm industry members for alleged violations.

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The Number

Nearly $1 billion allocated for wildlife conservation

This year $989,531,728 was allocated to wildlife conservation, public shooting ranges, and hunter-education programs from the Pittman-Robertson excise tax on firearms and ammunition sales.

Since the excise tax was first introduced in 1937, it has raised over $25 billion to support public recreation and conservation efforts.

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Georgia’s Voluntary Firearm Do-Not-Sell List

Georgia lawmakers have proposed “Donna’s Law,” a voluntary do-not-sell firearms list for individuals with mental health concerns, allowing self-exclusion from gun purchases. Reversal is possible after a waiting period, aiming to offer crucial intervention time. 

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Legislation Targets “Zombie” Guns

U.S. Reps. Jill Tokuda (D-Hawaii) and Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) have introduced a bill to close a loophole in firearms regulation that allows disposal companies to sell recycled gun parts, leading to the creation of untraceable “ghost” guns. The “Destroy Zombie Guns Act” mandates the total destruction of firearms to prevent parts from being sold in build-it-yourself kits.

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Judge Affirms Second Amendment Rights for Illegal Immigrants

An Illinois judge has declared that illegal immigrants have Second Amendment rights, sparking debate in a state known for strict gun laws. Guy Relford, discussing the case on his show, explained the decision pertained to a federal law prosecution and not Illinois or Chicago law specifically, raising questions on constitutional rights for illegal immigrants versus U.S. citizens or legal residents.

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Penn Hunting
  • Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania: The bill to lift Pennsylvania’s ban on Sunday hunting has advanced to the full Senate, promising to create over 15,000 jobs and generate $1.6 billion in economic benefits.
  • NRA in Supreme Court: The NRA challenged New York’s financial blacklist in a key Supreme Court case, asserting that defendant Maria T. Vullo’s tactics aimed to silence the NRA by pressuring financial institutions to sever ties with the Association.
  • GOA Challenges Bump Stock Ban: Gun Owners of America has filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, challenging the ATF’s bump stock ban and its reclassification as machine guns, arguing this misinterprets the statute.
  • Pima County’s New Gun Ordinance: Pima County, Arizona, has imposed a $1,000 fine for not reporting lost or stolen guns within 48 hours, an ordinance that directly conflicts with Arizona’s preemption laws.
  • NRA Supports Law Enforcement: The NRA has introduced the Law Enforcement Range Fund to support the construction of shooting ranges for law enforcement agencies and civilian training use.
  • NSSF Relaunches Project ChildSafe: The National Shooting Sports Foundation has revamped its Project ChildSafe website, enhancing access to firearm safety resources to prevent accidents, suicides, and thefts.
  • WA’s New Gun Laws: Western Australia is mandating comprehensive health assessments for its 90,000 firearm licensees under new gun law reforms, requiring disclosures on drug use, alcohol, and health conditions.

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