The Patriot: Gun Trace Data, Microstamping, and Cash



Baltimore’s lawsuit against the ATF aims to bypass federal law to access gun trace data, arguing it’s essential for tackling gun violence. However, critics argue that even with this data, the city’s approach misses the mark, as most firearms used in crimes are obtained unlawfully, making the origin point irrelevant.

Meanwhile, a significant legal victory in California saw a judge rule against the state’s ban on gun ownership for individuals with vacated non-violent felony convictions.

In contrast, New Jersey’s proposal to double gun permit costs faces criticism for potentially infringing on law-abiding citizens’ rights.

The Number:

Five Companies Dominate 97% of Revolver Manufacturing

In 2021, five companies produced nearly 97% of all domestic revolvers, highlighting a concentrated market. The Colt Python, reintroduced in 2020, stands out as one of the top-selling firearms in the U.S.

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Washington Senate Approves Gun Dealer Legislation

The Washington Senate passed Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2118, imposing new safety and security requirements for gun dealers. This includes annual employee background checks, $1 million in liability insurance, and improved physical and surveillance security. Critics, like Sen. Lynda Wilson, argue it could severely impact gun shows and small retailers by increasing costs.

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Delaware Task Force to Refine “Firearm” Definition

A Delaware task force, led by Rep. Jeff Spiegelman and Sen. Laura Sturgeon, is close to proposing a more precise definition of “firearm,” excluding devices like nail guns and archery equipment. This aims to simplify law enforcement and legislation, potentially adding “spear guns” to the definition.

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Iowa Moves to Protect Gun Owner Financial Privacy

Iowa’s House File 2464, preventing the tracking of firearm-related purchases through merchant category codes, has advanced. This bill aims to protect gun owners from financial surveillance and potential registration, responding to privacy concerns.

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GOA and GOF Challenge ATF’s Bump Stock Ban

Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court against the ATF’s bump stock ban, arguing it infringes on the Second Amendment. They contend bump stocks do not make semi-automatic rifles machineguns, challenging the ATF’s interpretation.

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