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Throughout the United States, the introduction of new gun control laws is raising concern among Second Amendment advocates. 

In New York, the Sporting Range Good Neighbor Act has sparked debate by introducing restrictions on shooting ranges, impacting the sport’s future and emerging marksmen. Critics argue rules against extensive land use and bans on wetlands are arbitrary and could lead to closures of existing ranges.

Meanwhile, the Firearm Due Process Protection Act seeks to protect law-abiding Americans from wrongful firearm purchase denials caused by errors in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The bill focuses on ensuring accurate background checks and providing legal recourse.

Additionally, the 2nd Amendment Financial Privacy Act, effective in ten states, combats a gun control surveillance scheme by prohibiting merchant codes that could lead to a de-facto gun registry—a proactive approach to guarding against possible privacy violations.

The Number:

1,442,061 guns sold in March

In March, gun sales hit 1,442,061, continuing a 56-month streak of over one million firearms sold each month. The increase is linked to fears of AR-15-style firearm bans, President Joe Biden’s discussion of firearm regulations, and growing concerns over safety and crime.

With election season on the horizon and the intensifying national conversation on gun control, industry experts anticipate strong sales to persist.

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Tennessee Introduces Gun Safety Education in Schools

Starting in the 2025-26 school year, Tennessee will teach firearms safety in public schools from pre-kindergarten onwards. House Bill 2882, passed by the Tennessee Senate, focuses on age-appropriate gun safety to help students avoid and report found firearms. Despite some opposition, the bill is seen as a step towards preventing firearm accidents among youth.

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Colorado Advances Compulsory Gun Insurance Bill

The Colorado state legislature is moving forward with House Bill 24-1270, requiring gun owners to obtain liability insurance to cover damages from accidental firearm discharges. The bill passed the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee by a slim 6-5 margin. It seeks to introduce an additional layer of responsibility for gun ownership. Critics, however, view it as an effort to make gun ownership more complex.

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Hawaii Sets Age Limit for Ammunition Sales and Possession at 21

Hawaii’s Senate Bill 2845 has passed the House, aiming to prohibit the sale of ammunition to individuals under 21 and restrict their ownership, possession, or control of ammunition. The bill, supported by gun safety advocacy groups, faces opposition from the Hawaii Firearms Coalition, citing concerns over Second Amendment rights and existing federal regulations.

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States Unite Against Glock Over Handgun Modifications

Colorado, alongside 11 other states and the District of Columbia, has rallied behind an Illinois lawsuit against gun manufacturer Glock. Initiated by Chicago, the lawsuit accuses Glock of failing to alter the design of its pistols, which can be modified with a “switch” to fire like machine guns, resulting in an increase in illegal guns. The action demands Glock maintain 37 years of records on its handguns, further complicating the legal obstacles confronting the firearms industry.

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  • Wyoming Bans Red-Flag Laws: Wyoming is among the first states to ban red-flag gun laws, stopping local authorities from limiting access to firearms.
  • Retired Officers Battle Illinois: Retired correctional officers and courthouse deputies are contesting Illinois’ refusal to grant them special concealed carry permits.
  • Indiana’s Legal Setback: Indiana’s Governor signed a law preventing cities from suing the firearms industry, halting Gary’s lawsuit aimed at stopping illegal gun sales.
  • GOA Appeals to SCOTUS: Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court against Illinois’ ban on standard magazines and “assault weapons.”
  • Savage Arms Expands in Ontario: Savage Arms Inc. expanded its Ontario factory with provincial funding, adding two new rifle lines and creating 49 jobs.
  • FPC Challenges Delaware’s Ban: The Firearms Policy Coalition filed a motion for summary judgment against Delaware’s ban on homemade firearms and “3D” files, arguing it’s unconstitutional.

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