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In a landmark decision on May 29th, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of the National Rifle Association against New York State’s attempt to suppress the organization’s First Amendment rights.

The case, National Rifle Association v. Vullo pressured financial institutions to cut ties with the NRA. Justice Sonia Sotomayor emphasized that government officials cannot use their power to silence disfavored speech, marking a significant victory for free speech advocates.

This ruling supports the NRA’s advocacy and sets a precedent for protecting First Amendment rights against government coercion.

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4,500 Youth in 4-H Shooting Sports

SDSU Extension’s 4-H State Shooting Sports program has grown by over 100 enrollees in the past 7 years, reaching 4,500 members.

This reflects the rising interest in shooting sports disciplines like pistol, rifle, and archery, supported by 650 dedicated volunteers.

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Charleston Adapts to State Law for Gun Store Zoning

In response to House Bill 4782, Charleston’s City Council is set to vote on a zoning amendment that will allow gun stores and shooting ranges to operate in any commercial area where other retail businesses are permitted. This legislative change, effective from May 30, 2024, mandates municipalities to treat firearm businesses the same as other retail establishments, overriding previous local restrictions.

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State Bill Threatens Youth Trap Shooting in the North Country

Youth trap shooting has seen a significant rise in popularity in the North Country, with about half of St. Lawrence County’s school districts hosting teams. However, the Sporting Range Good Neighbor Act aimed to reduce environmental lead contamination could impose financial burdens too heavy for some clubs to bear, potentially forcing them to close. 

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The Firearms Policy Coalition Fight Against California’s Gun Laws

In a landmark case, Nguyen v. Bonta, a federal district court sided with the FPC, ruling the ‘one-gun-per-month’ law unconstitutional and halting its enforcement. As the case progresses to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the FPC remains steadfast, with FPC President Brandon Combs and FPCAF President Cody J. Wisniewski leading the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

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Screenshot 2024-06-04 110923
  • Rost Martin’s RM1C Pistol Debut: Texas-based Rost Martin introduced the RM1C, an American-made 9mm striker-fired pistol, at NRAAM 2024, featuring affordability and compatibility with standard CZ P10 mags.
  • National Gun Storage Check Week launches June 1-7, emphasizing secure firearm storage to prevent accidents and thefts.
  • Sweetwater County Firearms Training: Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is offering civilian firearms and concealed training classes to meet the state’s training requirement for a concealed carry permit.
  • Ghost Gun Laws and Public Safety: The Minnesota Supreme Court is set to hear a case challenging the state’s ban on unserialized firearms, continuing the debate over whether such laws unfairly target law-abiding gun owners.

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