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The U.S. Supreme Court is set to deliberate a landmark Second Amendment case, the first major decision on gun rights in over a decade.

This case, brought forward by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, contests New York’s strict laws on concealed carry permits which demand that applicants demonstrate ‘proper cause’ for carrying a firearm outside the home.

A Court decision to expand gun rights would align with wider efforts across the country, such as Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s veto of gun control bills and Ohio’s investment in “shoot houses” for armed school staff training.

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The Number:

52% of American Households Have at Least One Firearm

A news poll from November 2023 showed that 52% of American households reported having at least one firearm, the highest figure in the survey’s 25-year history.

The surge in gun ownership aligns with record-breaking firearm sales throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated 22.8 million firearms purchased in 2020 alone.

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Ohio Enhances Armed Staff Training

Ohio plans to boost school staff firearms training with two mobile “shoot houses” meant to simulate real scenarios for the required 24-hour initial and annual eight-hour recertification training. The Ohio School Safety Center emphasizes the value of realistic training for active shooter situations, yet less than 10% of districts have registered armed response teams.

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Hawaii Man Challenges ‘Suitable Persons’ Criteria

In Hawaii, Blake Day won a landmark case against the ‘suitable persons’ standard that denied him a firearms carry license, a law that relies on issuing authorities’ subjective decisions rather than objective criteria. Day was issued a license, and his win has prompted Hawaii County to overhaul its concealed carry regulations.

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Kentucky Enacts Second Amendment Privacy Act

Kentucky’s new Second Amendment Privacy Act aims to protect the privacy and sensitive financial information of individuals buying firearms and ammunition. This landmark legislation will prevent institutions from discriminating against firearm retailers, and prohibit the creation of any registry of private firearm ownership.

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Challenging NYC’s Long Gun Licensing

The Firearms Policy Coalition and FPC Action Foundation have filed an appeal against New York City’s strict shotgun and rifle license requirements. They argue these rules are unconstitutional, stressing that earlier discriminatory laws cannot justify current gun control.

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  • Colt CZ’s 2023 Performance: Despite being the second most successful year in its history, Colt CZ Group SE saw a 10 percent decline in firearms unit sales in 2023. 
  • Oklahoma’s Stand Against Age Discrimination: Senator David Bullard introduced legislation to eliminate age discrimination in firearm purchases.
  • New Hampshire Bill Passes: New Hampshire’s House Bill 1711, aiming to add mental health records to gun background checks, passed with bipartisan support.
  • New Mexico’s Concealed Carry Permits: Governor Michelle Grisham signed a law mandating a seven-day waiting period for new gun purchases, exempting concealed carry permit holders, likely boosting demand for permit applications.
  • Pennsylvania Targets “Ghost Guns”: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a measure to ban the purchase, sale, and production of untraceable gun parts. 
  • Iowa Advances Pro-Second Amendment Bills: Iowa’s legislature moves forward with pro-gun bills, including measures for school security, enforcement of firearm preemption law, and protection against financial discrimination.

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