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A new ATF report has shown that licensed firearm retailers are not a significant source of illegal firearm trafficking. The report, analyzing 9,700 firearm trafficking investigations from 2017 to 2021, revealed that only 1.6% involved federal firearms licensees, contradicting claims from the Biden administration about “rogue dealers.”

The majority of illegal firearm trafficking involves illegal straw purchases and private sales, accounting for 80% of cases. Stolen firearms make up another 25%. This evidence suggests that licensed retailers are not the problem, refocusing the conversation on actual sources of illegal firearms.

The Number:

717.9 Million “Large Capacity” Magazines

A study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that from 1990 to 2021, 74% of rifle and pistol magazines in the commercial firearms market had a capacity of 11 or more rounds, totaling 717.9 million out of 963.7 million, showing how popular high-capacity magazines are among gun owners for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting.

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Iowa’s Second Amendment Privacy Act

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds signed the Second Amendment Privacy Act, banning firearm-specific Merchant Category Codes to prevent financial discrimination against gun purchasers. This law also prohibits creating lists or registries of private firearm ownership, allowing Iowans to exercise their Second Amendment rights without surveillance or political exploitation.

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Tillis and Grassley Champion Second Amendment Bill

US Senators Thom Tillis and Chuck Grassley have proposed the Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act of 2024. This bill aims to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System while safeguarding Second Amendment rights. It addresses mental illness in the criminal justice system, enforces gun laws, and enhances penalties for illegal firearms transactions.

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Supreme Court to Review ATF’s ‘Ghost Guns’ Regulation

The Supreme Court will hear Vanderstok v. Garland, a case challenging the Biden administration’s regulation of unfinished frames and receivers, or ‘ghost guns.’ The Fifth Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision, arguing that the ATF overstepped its bounds. The Firearms Policy Coalition and the Second Amendment Foundation, which filed the lawsuit, expect the Supreme Court to rein in the ATF.

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EXPLORE Act Boosts Outdoor Recreation

The US House passed H.R. 6492, the Expanding Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences (EXPLORE) Act, with bipartisan support. This legislation, backed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, aims to enhance outdoor recreation by requiring the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to maintain at least one recreational shooting range in each National Forest and BLM district.

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  • Minnesota’s Shotgun-Only Debate: Minnesota’s Legislature is considering a bill to allow rifles for deer hunting in most of southern Minnesota, challenging the longstanding “shotgun-only” rule.
  • FPC Challenges California’s Non-Resident Firearm BanThe Firearms Policy Coalition is challenging California’s ban on non-resident firearm carry, arguing the right to bear arms doesn’t end at state lines.
  • Ohio’s Innovative Training Approach: Ohio allocates $78,000 for mobile “shoot houses” to enhance firearm training for school staff.
  • Colorado House Passes Gun Safety Bills: Colorado’s House approved bills requiring state licenses for firearm dealers and liability insurance for gun owners.
  • San Diego Gun Safety Event: The San Diego Sheriff’s Department collected over 50 firearms in a gun buyback event in Pala, offering $100 gift cards and promoting safe storage with free lock boxes.
  • Oregon Measure 114 Blocked: The Oregon Court of Appeals maintains an injunction against gun control Measure 114, preventing its enforcement during the ongoing appeal.
  • Missouri Bill Concerns Homeschoolers: Legal experts warn that Missouri’s Senate Bill 727 could inadvertently make it a felony for homeschooling families to keep guns in their homes, sparking significant opposition.

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